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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to order replacement keys?

  • You will need the key code printed on the key. Match it to the pictures of the key and product to verify you are ordering the correct key.
  • Other places to retrieve your key code include the white label on the carton, your Owner's Manual if you placed it there, or if your registered your key code on the WEATHER GUARD® Key Registration at

My box is locked and I lost my key, now how do I get into my box?

  • See a local distributor for a replacement lock.
  • To find a distributor who stocks Replacement Parts including locks, go to, select 'Replacement Parts' in the drop down menu, and use the distributor locator to find an 'AP-Pro' Authorized Parts Professional Distributor. Locating an AP-Pro distributor will provide your best chance that the lock you need is in stock and on display.

How do I prevent losing my key code?

How do I key alike my boxes?

  • Depending on the box, you will need to change either locks or lock cylinders on the boxes to key them alike. Contact a distributor to place an order for locks with specific key codes. For security purposes, random key codes are packaged in retail packages. Specific key codes require a factory order.