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Welcome to the Replacement Key Center

We are not authorized by Weather Guard to sell key blanks or provide bitting information.


What's needed to order replacement keys
  • To order replacement keys, you much have the appropriate key code, which is engraved on the key. Don't have a key? See below.
  • If your key code begins with an M please contact Weather Guard directly at (800) 456-7865 as we are not authorized to cut these keys.
  • If you have lost your key and don't know the key code you can find the key code on the face of the cylinder except if you have a red push button. With the red push button models you will need to remove the cylinder to find the key code. Please locate an AP-Pro Distributor who will help you remove your lock.
  • If you have lost your key, and can't determine what the code is, you will have to replace the locks. Locate an AP-Pro Distributor who will help you replace your locks in our online directory.


Once you have you key code, choose Truck Equipment or Van Equipment to begin your order.